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Cuba Photography Workshop – February 2016

Program Highlights ~ A Cultural and Photographic Adventure Program cost includes Miami-Havana round-trip airfare & Travel Visa. Photographic subjects include musical sessions, environmental portraits of friendly local faces, home interiors, gardens, and of course the great American cars of the 40’s and 50’s surrounded by modern & historic architecture. Photograph

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Close Up And Garden Photography

Offered by Hunterdon Art Museum and held at Race Farm in Blairstown, NJ. This workshop will be encouraging and filled with insights on photographing within the landscape and your own garden environment, covering many technical, aesthetic and expressive issues with discussion or demonstrations. The goal is to encourage growth in

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Photo Manipulation 101

This workshop will provide you with an understanding of the magic of image manipulation and enhancement with Aperture. In just one session you will be able to give your digital images the finished look that can only be achieved with good post-processing. Life at the computer does not have to

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Beginner Digital Photography Boot Camp

Through demonstration and hands on opportunities, students immerse themselves in the basics of using their digital camera and progress to an intermediate level during a concentrated learning experience.  We will cover camera operation, shutter speed and aperture; resolution selection, using the in-camera light meter for better exposure compensation, white balance,

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Color And Composition Workshop

In our paintings and photographs, our perception of the color is completely informed by the elements of composition and visual perception. This workshop teaches you how to understand these factors that are so integral to every composition, so that you can incorporate them into your own artwork. This workshop is

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Creative Woman: Developing Photographic Style

The goal of this workshop is to take 10 women who feel they are creative, supportive, interesting, confident, accomplished, bright, dynamic and most of all fun to be with… to work together as a team, to inspire each other to build or expand existing portfolios, learn new techniques, stimulate creative

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I Just Got a New Camera Part 2

I Just Got a New Camera: Now What? – Part 2 (Pictures & Feedback). After a quick review of the camera and a lighting demonstration, students will move into the museum and try their hand at photographing 3 dimensional objects with lighting equipment and accessories supplied by the instructor. There

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I Just Got a New Camera: Part 1

I Just Got a New Camera: Now What? – Part 1 (Technical) Learning how to work your new camera properly can make all the difference in the world. Let’s have fun taking great pictures, and take the fear out of working the camera and looking things up in the manual.

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lighting newark

Positive & Negative Space in Photography

Photography is all about light! And where there is light, there is shadow to create positive and negative spaces. Learning to see the quality, quantity, and direction of light and how this relates to positive and negative structure within your photograph will be at the core of this workshop. The

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How To Photograph Your Artwork and Jewelry

Selling your work, creating a website, getting the gallery exhibit or winning prizes at juried exhibitions are often determined by the quality of the digital images that you submit and your ability to photograph, size, crop and color correct them properly.  Your art is only as impressive as your photographic

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France 2014 Photographers and Painters

MONET ALL THE WAY!!   This is an amazing trip from Giverny to Normandy visiting the painting locations of the Impressionists plus other locations to round out the experience of great food, off the beaten path lodging, French elegance, history, and culture.  Contact me Nancy Ori at 908-790-8820 or for additional information. Workshop fee:   $3300

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Photo Encaustic Workshop

By Francesca Azzara and Nancy Ori Join us for a fun two-days of learning how to work in this creative and forgiving medium. Students are invited to layer their photographs with exciting and simple mixed media techniques to create new work with incredible diversity from your current portfolio. At our

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Handcoloring Your Inkjet Photographs

Handcoloring Your Photographs is a full day workshop designed to expand your knowledge of different art mediums and how to combine them with your photographs to create one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces.  You will learn how to enhance your inkjet photographs with many different media, including:  watercolor, collage, pastels, color pencils,

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How To Frame Your Artwork

This workshop will help you think more clearly about editing your work in order to create a professional and cohesive presentation of your individual style, what kind of frame would work best in what type of situation and how to best transport and store your framed work. A big emphasis

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Close Up Photography At The Farm

This unique workshop experience will provide insights into making photographs of flowers, still life and any type of small objects.  Did you ever dream of creating high quality photographs of flowers and foliage like those that appear on calendars and greeting cards?  Experience the fun and excitement of capturing these

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How To Get Into Business With Your Art

This personalized approach to understanding the business behind the art will involve tips on many things that artists don’t usually think about but need to know in order to make an art or photography business fly.  What paperwork is involved in a real business? How do you need to think

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lighting newark

Understanding Light @ Newark Museum

Photography is all about light and where there is light, there is shadow. Where there is shadow there is form. This  workshop is designed  for the beginning photographer and other artists using photography in their work who already have a basic understanding of how their camera operates and are now looking for something more. We will learn

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Focus on Form @Hunterdon Art Museum: Photography with Nancy Ori

Photography is all about light and where there is light, there is shadow. Where there is shadow there is form. This workshop is designed for the beginning photographer or other artists using photography in their work who already has a basic understanding of how their camera operates and is now looking for something more. We

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Handcoloring Your Photographs Workshop @ Grounds for Sculpture

Create mixed media pieces using your own photos, watercolors, pastels, and colored pencils. Bring 3-4 photos inkjet-printed on matte fine art paper to work with. Instructions (including ordering photos printed on a variety of papers) will be available in advance. Materials will be provided for use during class time. To

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I Just Got a New Camera: Now What?

Morris Museum Adult Studio Art Class Part II: Pictures in the Museum & Feedback The goal of Part 2 will be to take the camera information that was presented in Part 1 and put it to use. After a quick review of the camera and a lighting demonstration, students will

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I Just Got A Digital Camera: Now What?

Morris Museum Adult Studio Art Class PART 1: TECHNICAL – Learning how to work your new digital camera properly can make all the difference in the world for you to have fun while making great images of your family and vacations. Let’s take the fear out of working the camera

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CLOSE UP Colonial Gardens 2

Close Up and Garden Photography at Colonial Gardens

This is a relaxed listening, learning and hands-on workshop for teens or adults. My groups are small so there will be lots of opportunity for one on one attention. The intimate nature of my sessions always leads to fun and new friendships. The emphasis during the morning session is to

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