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What Separates My Workshops from Others?

Some of the features of a typical Nancy Ori destination shooting workshop:

Our Itinerary and Cost

I have done extensive research on our location and in many cases have already run a workshop there. I need to guarantee that you can go home with a lot of quality images. The cost of your workshop has also been evaluated against others at a similar location. Mine is priced less and offers more. It is that simple. I feel greatly responsible to spend your money wisely in order to get the most value out of our time together. The place we are sleeping is an expensive & important part of the plan. I want you to be comfortable, treated with respect and elegance, while being centrally located to our shooting sites. There is always a balance of amenities, technology and even photo opportunities at our home-away-from-home. The itinerary has been developed with a lot of thought to the types, uniqueness and quantity of images you will be making during the entire workshop in order to create a balance of landscape, architecture and in some cases portraiture.

Formal and informal teaching

I try to find quiet places for us to sit and review the topic for the day or do lighting demonstrations. These are not classroom situations. Instead, they may be a living room, a scenic overlook, restaurant, on the bus or just a quiet corner of the world. The gatherings may be for the whole group or just for you depending on the needs of the moment. I feel that orientation is of upmost importance to the success of all my workshops. You will know what to expect from me and what I expect of you. Listening will be important. If there is time and energy available, I will also do evening sessions. And I am referring to your energy here. These are usually critiques of what you have been shooting. If you bring a laptop, that is how we usually view them. You will be encouraged to do this. The benefits of reviewing your images while we are still at the workshop are incredible. Your photography can be corrected and improved immediately. It also helps to see what others are doing to get you inspired or give you new ideas of how to see something.

One-on-One Sessions

There will be opportunities for us to chat one-on-one. It needs to be initiated by you. I do not know what your needs are unless you tell me. I generally have an assistant or two along to help out and there is plenty of time for you to also work with them. Private sessions are available before we leave.

Shooting Sessions

This is a destination shooting workshop. Ideally, you should have an awareness of how your camera works to maximize your time. Our style is to keep moving & shooting as much as possible. Sessions on location will generally be scheduled but I never rule out seeing something and stopping to check it out. Serendipity can bring us to some terrific images. You will have the opportunity to shoot right along side of me and my assistants if you like to see what interests us. I am basically taking you to my images. Many workshop instructors will not do this. I am not afraid of you taking the same photo as me. Many of you will and you may do it better. That is what this is all about. I have no secrets from you.

Pre and Post Workshop Communications

Again, orientation is very important to me. You will receive a lot of written material like this regarding the trip with travel and other tips. It will be up to you to review this information and ask whatever questions are necessary in order to follow the instructions. After our workshop, you will be asked for feedback and there may be more follow-up materials sent to you on topics presented at the workshop to continue your learning. You will become part of my network for future communications and opportunities. We sometimes set up on-line pages to share images from the trip and have student-run reunions. You will now be part of my family of photographers. I do not take this lightly. I do not do this for the money.

I consider that a bonus.