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This two day workshop is for any student who has grown more comfortable with
their camera and digital workflow and is now ready to develop and organize a
cohesive body of work. The quest for a unified focus is frequently a difficult task
for the emerging photographer or high school student getting ready for art
school applications. Seeing the magic of light everywhere and photographing
with a great variety of subject matter is quite common. It is always easier for us
to make the pictures than it is for us to see what we have actually produced in
an organized way.

Understanding how to edit and refine the selection is fundamental to building a
strong relationship with one’s own photography and being prepared for
exhibition or presentation to a client. This series of meetings will help
participants to stand back, evaluate, organize, and reflect on their work, while
learning how to better understand their photographs and the photographs of
others. We will work together as a team to review each collection, define
projects clearly and monitor them throughout the process.

Through discussions and viewing examples of contemporary photographer’s
websites and current exhibitions, students will form an understanding of the
intricate aspects of style, editing and sequencing images. We will also introduce
participants to the technical side of the final presentation. This will involve a
discussion on what the final presentation will look like: an exhibition, a box of
photographs, a book or website.

Other topics: What shooting, manipulation and printing techniques will you use to
create a cohesive look; discussions on selecting the right paper or canvas; where to
get a variety of quality materials; how to effectively work with on-line printing labs and
which one suits your project; preparing files for publishing to ebook or printed book;
the self publishing process with Amazon to Kindle; and choosing the right vendor for
your project.