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Handcoloring Your Photographs is a full day workshop designed to expand your knowledge of different art mediums and how to combine them with your photographs to create one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces.  You will learn how to enhance your inkjet photographs with many different media, including:  watercolor, collage, pastels, color pencils, and dyes.  You will be able to take your photographs a step away from reality and interpret the images in many different ways to enhance the mood you want to convey.  This workshop is for any level of artist working with any format camera as long as you can have your photographs printed and ready to paint.  A comprehensive handout will be given to each student at the workshop describing the techniques that we will be covering and is yours to keep.       The session will involve technical and creative discussions, presentations of instructor’s portfolios and critiques of images brought by the participants.   Included: how to shoot and print for painting and how to select the right images to paint. Nancy will demonstrate how to use each type of medium that we have available in a step by step simple process.  Our goal is to have you play with each of the mediums and to just have fun with it, ultimately deciding which direction is the most comfortable for you without having to buy all the supplies in order to test everything.

Students will be encouraged to push themselves creatively beyond their norm to try new art materials and techniques in order to identify the emotional responses of adding color and texture to their photographs.  You will come away with a new appreciation of painting and seeing color in new ways.

We will have lots of materials available for you to try if you don’t have paints, pastels or pencils. Instructions on how to prepare for the day will be sent upon registration. This will include where to order photos printed on a variety of different kinds of paper or canvas including watercolor paper. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can also create line drawings, conversions to black and white, desaturated images and explore filters for special effects with your photographs.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop other than preparing your photographs. No previous art experience is necessary. Students should bring lunch.