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This workshop will help you think more clearly about editing your work in order to create a professional and cohesive presentation of your individual style, what kind of frame would work best in what type of situation and how to best transport and store your framed work.

A big emphasis of this workshop will be placed on how galleries and museums will judge your presentation.  Time will be spent on the other materials needed for a gallery show and there will be lots of time for questions and discussions during the demonstrations.

Of great importance is the selection and purchase of all the necessary framing materials and tools to complete your project and the demonstration of techniques of how to use them. These will include the mounting of different types of artwork.  You will then try your hand at measuring and cutting professional looking window mattes as well as glass.  We will look at framing with metal frames as well as recommendations for various types of art pieces into wood frames, showing different methods of handling the different materials. Worth the price of admission is a list of quality vendors to find all the things you need for the process.   Students should bring a representative sampling of their actual work if it is small enough to travel easily, or slides/photos of their work, or laptop to share images.