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This personalized approach to understanding the business behind the art will involve tips on many things that artists don’t usually think about but need to know in order to make an art or photography business fly.  What paperwork is involved in a real business? How do you need to think and set yourself up for success without a lot of frustration? How do you develop a plan and a budget?  Other topics will include how to improve your presentation skills, promotional materials and develop an srtist statement. It is designed for all levels of art student or business person, in any medium or any business.

Presentation skills refers to developing the skills necessary to go professional as a working or exhibiting artist or business person, creating a marketing plan, how to write press releases, how to promote your work to a gallery or prospective client, and preparing for the interview.

Promotional materials refers to your actual portfolio, website, or product brochures. We will cover the development of a theme and look, preparing for an exhibition, writing artist statements, how to finish your work (quality matting, mounting and framing). Emphasis will be placed on how galleries, museums and clients will judge your presentation as well as the communication skills necessary to get what you want.

The style of this workshop will be a round table lecture and open discussion.  Students should bring samples of promotional materials they are presently using and artist statements, if available. Students should also bring a sample of the type of art in an actual piece, photograph or image on laptop. Beginner to advanced artists. Enrollment will be limited offering attendees lots of personal attention.  Bring a lunch or snack. There will be a half hour lunch break but not long enough to go out anywhere. Coffee, tea and bottled water will be provided.