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Selling your work, creating a website, getting the gallery exhibit or winning prizes at juried exhibitions are often determined by the quality of the digital images that you submit and your ability to photograph, size, crop and color correct them properly.  Your art is only as impressive as your photographic images.  The beauty of your painting, pottery or jewelry can’t overcome bad photography.  During the juror process, the photograph of your work actually becomes more important than the work itself. Many jurors eliminate poorly photographed work without a second glance even if they know the artist.  It’s also important to have good quality images and/or photographs for: insurance purposes, brochures, postcards and press releases.

This task can seem daunting at first but this workshop will show you the basics of the process and how they can be mastered without too much trouble.  With limited lighting and 35mm or point and shoot digital equipment, you can set up your 2-D and 3-D work to make photographs that provide richness of color, preserve texture and reproduce subtle or dark pieces beautifully.  Ori will use your own artwork as photographic subjects in order to demonstrate all the techniques.

She will share lots of tips from the viewpoint of a professional photographer, experienced juror and curator. This lecture and demonstration will explore camera settings, lighting set ups for different types of work, what to know about creating the right shooting environment, some computer software techniques, tips on website development, storing your images and how to deliver them to the juried show or gallery.

This workshop is designed for those with beginning or intermediate experience with photography. Students should bring their cameras, instruction booklets, samples of their previous slides and one piece of art that is typical of their portfolio.