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This workshop will provide you with an understanding of the magic of image manipulation and enhancement with Aperture. In just one session you will be able to give your digital images the finished look that can only be achieved with good post-processing. Life at the computer does not have to be overwhelming, fearful, complicated or long. Start making better photos immediately. This fun and very visual workshop experience will cover a lot of simple techniques and tips to dramatically improve the communication of every one of your images. It will cover the why of manipulation so your thinking has continuity from image capture through manipulation.

The morning session includes a lecture with a slide presentation illustrating how understanding good composition can drive your images through a variety of techniques to perhaps the most powerful one of all: cropping. Nancy will describe how to manipulate a series of situations and why each technique was used while working with Aperture and other simple programs to cover both color and black and white manipulations. Students will learn about file management, image enhancement and the basics of using imaging software to produce better photographs quickly and easily with a user friendly thought process. The relationship of the image to the selection of paper and printing options will also be covered in order to explore more creative finishing approaches. Importing, resizing, storing and emailing can also be covered if necessary.

The afternoon session will involve looking at and manipulating images that you bring with you on a travel drive, camera card or laptop if you already have Aperture loaded. Please choose 2-3 images. You may also bring prints in any size in order to share your printing experience. This is a critique and demonstration session showing how the instructor would simply and quickly enhance your images with simple techniques and Aperture software. Something can be learned from every image. The workshop also covers practical concerns such as where to find the best and most affordable equipment, materials, and commercial printing and scanning services available. Students should bring a notebook, images and lunch. A laptop with Aperture software is helpful but not necessary. Everything we do will be projected so you can clearly see what is happening.

Some of the things you will also learn: how to crop, straighten, remove spots, flaws and red eye, fix shadow and highlight problems, adjust contrast, correct color casts, darken skies, increase color saturation, convert color images to powerful black and white, and sharpen the final image.

Nancy J. Ori is respected internationally as an industrial photographer & video producer for New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Berkeley Heights, NJ. She is also a fine art exhibitor and enjoys teaching photography workshops each year throughout the US and Europe. Ms. Ori has been affiliated for many years with the Ansel Adams Workshop in California; and in New Jersey is on the faculty of many art centers and museums locally. In 1990, she began the New Jersey Heritage Workshops in Cape May with classes for photographers and other artists. Her work has been shown in over 100 solo and 250 group exhibitions, she has curated over 50 major exhibitions and has juried countless shows for museums, arts centers and camera clubs.

• LOCATION: Berkeley Heights, NJ
• INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: 908-790-8820 nancyori@comcast.net
• PAYMENT SENT TO: Nancy Ori 124 Diamond Hill Road Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
• CANCELLATION: If you withdraw from the workshop, you must inform us no later than 14 days prior to the first day of your workshop, and we will refund your fee, less a registration fee of $25. No refunds of any kind will be made for withdrawal within 14 days in advance of the first day of this workshop, during the workshop, or for no-shows.