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On-Line Private Photography Tutoring

This unique and personalized approach to learning photography is designed for the beginning or intermediate student who wants to expand their understanding of the craft and to work more creatively with their film or digital camera on location or in the studio.  The goal is to refine individual style while exploring the skills necessary to make expressive photographs.  The content will be tailored to individual needs and interests.  Each student will progress at his or her own pace through discussions, demonstrations, and/or critiques.  This tutorial style can take you further and faster in the direction that you want to go photographically and be flexible to accommodate your busy schedule.  Sessions are scheduled at our convenience.  Payment in full is due at or before the first session.

The instructor, Nancy J. Ori, has over 35 years experience as a professional photographer, teacher and fine art exhibitor.  Founder and Director of the New Jersey Photography Forum and Digital Arts Group at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey in Summit, Ori is on the faculty of numerous art centers and museums and has taught at the Ansel Adams Workshop in CA for eight seasons.  Since 1991, Nancy has lead a series of workshops each year in Cape May during the spring and over the last several years has also run destination workshops in the fall to locations like Santa Fe, France, New England, Cuba, Ireland, and Italy.

Tutorial  1:  for Film or Digital Shooters

Tutorial 1, 6 hours is $395 or $75/hour

This tutorial is the most popular and consists of 6 hours of instruction and does not include materials. Students can break up the 8 hours however they like. You should have a project or direction in mind that can be handled through discussions, demonstrations & critiques. Typical topics include: learning the ins and outs of your camera for more predictable results, controlling lighting with accessories, working with natural light, and other topics like: portrait lighting & posing, portfolio development, preparing for an exhibition, shooting your artwork, framing your work, Photo Encaustic and mixed media, still life and close ups, Hand-coloring your photographs, how to promote your work, developing the basic skills necessary to go professional, etc. All sessions have a balance of creative and technical aspects.

Getting the chance to work with you  really has been an inspiration and a growth opportunity.  When I found your photography online, I was very impressed with your art.  Now that I have had the chance to meet and work with you, I¹m equally impressed with your professionalization of the whole process that goes with being a professional artist.  Andy V.


Tutorial  2: Portfolio Development for College or Art School Applications and Reviews

Tutorial 2, 6 hours is $495 and $100/hour

I have been doing these sessions to help students with their college and art school applications for several years.  It includes meeting with the student and parents to develop a plan, critiquing their current artwork, selecting pieces, recommending new work, and developing a complete portfolio. Recommendations for purchase of all necessary materials and presentation boxes will be made. Professional mounting and matting of all artwork, roll playing the interview and making slides/digital files for the final application is all part of the process if necessary.  Met with success on every occasion, it’s all about presentation.  Even the non-art student who might have a hobby in photography can win with the college interview and application process.  With the competition that exists today to get into the desired schools, students need every competitive edge they can get. They may have similar grades and scores as every other student applying for one available slot.  If they arrive at the interview with a fantastic presentation of photographs and/or artwork, they are the ones that will be selected.  I have seen it happen again and again. Fee and time includes follow-up phone calls with parents.

I feel very comfortable with what we covered and am confident that our sessions will get me to be a competent Photoshop user.  I think how good I get is going to be determined by how hard I work at it and how much I use it with your skillful guidance.  I look forward to our next session.  Paul D.


For registration and free consultation: 908-790-8820 – nancyori@comcast.net