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The goal of this workshop is to take 10 women who feel they are creative, supportive, interesting, confident, accomplished, bright, dynamic and most of all fun to be with… to work together as a team, to inspire each other to build or expand existing portfolios, learn new techniques, stimulate creative potential and explore new ways of looking at your life as an artist.The workshop is designed to bring a deeper understanding of personal point of view while helping you further define your photographic style.

We will begin with a few presentations to get us thinking and talking. We will collaborate on ideas and inspirations as well as critique each other’s work.  There will be daily brainstorming exercises, shooting excursions and assignments, lots of sharing, constructive group reviews and image processing. Our daily shoots will be to Cape May’s majestic shores and historic landmark architecture. These locations will provide great subject matter for visual expression and experimentation by viewing it with new eyes. During our discussions, we will identify existing skills while building sensory awareness and confidence. You will be encouraged to try new approaches and freely test out artistic styles that are perhaps new but fulfill your goals.

In order to have creative control over style, we will also be discussing how this can be supported technically with not only shooting techniques but post processing. Specific enhancement techniques will be discussed and explored to creatively interpret concepts, explore the imagination, build craftsmanship, and expand the potential of a final print. These techniques will be demonstrated and shared throughout the workshop by all of us.

Why this workshop is different? Throughout my teaching career I have met so many great and inspiring women. I have observed our species a lot, (because we really are a different species) and have come to some conclusions. Even though this is over simplified, here are my observations.  We learn differently, are interested in different things, think differently, communicate differently, are built and function differently, play different rolls physically, and experience emotion differently than men.  I am sure the list goes on and there are many variables but the point is, we have a lot of things in common as women and could benefit greatly by sharing our knowledge about photography and life. We speak in the same voice.

Confirmation: I will need to know your commitment to this workshop in order to be sure I have a total of 10. l have rooms for rent at the cottage where the workshop will be held and can send that info to you. There are also many fine B&B’s and motels within walking distance. I hope you can make it. It is really going to be fun and invigorating. And yes, there will be wine.

  • Tuition Fee: $475.
  • Arrival and Departure dates: April 26 arrivals beginning at 2pm with wine and cheese reception beginning at 3pm; departure May 1 at noon.
  • More Info: 908-790-8820, nancyori@comcast.net, www.nancyoriworkshops.com
  • Payment to: email Nancy Ori for a registration form.
  • Return with payment to: New Jersey Media Center, LLC at 124 Diamond Hill Road Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922